Ahmedabad city 16 roads leading to Motera Stadium, including internal roads, being resurfaced ahead of US President Donald Trump’s visit to Ahmedabad on February 24  more than Rs 60 crore to be spent to resurface roads and beautify convoy route with flower pots,Trees, Printing handmade walls & lot of things.

The wait is over! US President Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump will visit Ahmedabad during their India visit on February 24-25. Ahead of Trump visit, a US military aircraft has already landed in Ahmedabad as part of the security operation involved with United States president's visit

Thanks to the visit, roads that were badly damaged due to ongoing construction work of Metro or not repaired in last Few years.Besides roads getting smooth, the entire route from airport to Motera Stadium, which Trump will inaugurate, will be beautified with 1.5-lakh flower pots & Handmade Printing on walls.It’s being considered to install decorative lighting at cost of Rs 1 crore along the route, but a final decision will be taken once it’s known whether Trump’s visit to Ahmedabad will extend till evening or not. Sources said more than Rs 50 crore will be spent to spruce up the route.

The US President will most likely pass via Indira Bridge to reach Bhat and from there head towards Motera Stadium. There is a possibility that he may directly land at Motera in a helicopter. From the stadium, the dignitaries will leave for Gandhi Ashram by road.

Three agencies are involved in the work  AMC, AUDA and the Roads and Building department of the state government.